Cross-Collateral Loan

Have equity you want to leverage against a new purchase (without selling an existing property first)? A cross-collateral loan may be the solution you’re looking for. First Bridge Lending offers cross-collateral loans to provide new financing that includes two or more properties for collateral (including existing properties and the new purchase), including release provisions for each property. The cross-collateral loan secures multiple properties in one monthly payment for the buyer. This loan type can offer many advantages to the right buyer or investor, including:
  • Borrowers can leverage equity from another property they own
  • Borrowers can gain more equity in a cross-collateral deal
  • Borrower can have one monthly loan payment instead of multiple loans, on multiple properties
  • Lenders can get the additional security they need to finance a tough loan with unique terms

Recent Cross-Collateral Loan Deals

58% LTV – Cross Collateralized, Flip
6 months

The borrower, who has flipped 6 properties in the last 24 months, came to First Bridge Lending for a cross-collateral loan on a current rental property in order to purchase a new property with the intention of remodeling and reselling.

63% LTV – Cross Collateralized, Flip

This inexperienced borrower owned their home free and clear and was looking to purchase their first investment property to flip and re-sell.

41% LTV – Cross Collateralized, Flip
9 months

The borrower has been flipping homes for 3 years and has a full-time crew. They purchased this vacant property to build an addition and used another property as collateral.

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