Line of Credit

In a line of credit, a borrower can take out a loan against a property, up to an approved amount. These funds can be used to fund renovations and can be used repeatedly as needed. Once a draw is paid down, an investor can draw again to stay liquid in renovating or purchasing new properties. Renovation Draws First Bridge also offers renovation draws that can help offer funding in unique situations such as:
  • A borrower is building a house, and has run out of funds needed to finish the build. A renovation draw can provide them the extra cash needed, in a short-term loan.
  • An investor needs additional funds to finish a renovation, and can take a draw as a line of credit to finish repairs needed prior to selling the property.

Recent Line of Credit Deals

50% LTV – Refinance - Flip, Renovation Draws
12 months

Borrower purchased property with 2 single-family homes for $1.25M and invested an additional $1.2M in constructing 3 new single-family homes.

Villandry Dr.


55% LTV – Flip, Renovation Draws
5 months

The property is located in an exclusive development located right outside Truckee, CA. Our borrower needed a quick loan to finish construction and sell for a profit.

Hollywood Construction


50% loan to cost LTV – Refinance, Renovation Draws
18 months

The borrower had a broken construction development, and First Bridge structured the financing with 5 simple draws that allow the borrower to execute their business plan.

Carmel Construction


65% of costs LTV – Refinance, Renovation Draws
6 months

The borrower needed additional equity in order to fund finishing costs and extend their current loan. First Bridge provided additional proceeds necessary to see the project to completion.

First Bridge Lending