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5 Tips for a Successful Home Flip

Home flipping can be a great way to find a low-priced home that needs work, complete the work yourself (or with the help of a contractor), and quickly flip the home for a profit on your investment. However, before you venture into a renovation project, you should know...

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First Bridge Cross-Collateral Loans

Acquiring financing for multiple properties, whether for investment purposes or the purchase of a new home (when you’ve not yet sold an existing one) can present some challenges for both borrowers and lenders alike. Traditional mortgage financing will not typically...

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Is Now the Right Time to Buy an Investment Property?

Prior to joining First Bridge Lending, I managed hedge fund capital and oversaw the investments of over 2,000 fix-and-flip transactions in California. Being involved in so many deals, I began looking for ways to optimize operations, and have sliced and diced the...

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First Bridge Fix and Flip Loans

Distressed or older properties in need of renovation are frequently listed for a much lower price than others in the same neighborhood of comparable size. The pricing is extremely attractive to investors who have the skills and expertise to restore a home and resell...

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First Bridge Owner Occupied Loans

If you live in a “hot” housing market such as Los Angeles, it’s important to be able to move quickly and create an offer that a seller cannot refuse. With so many potential offers, however, how do you stand out? Owner occupied loans can help you appeal to sellers and...

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FJM is now First Bridge Lending

We’re pleased to announce that FJM Private Mortgage Fund is now First Bridge Lending! We’re bringing you the same team, the same quality, and the same experience, but we’re working to bring you even better service for your private lending needs. Our new location in...

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Meet the Team Changing the Hard-Money Market

At First Bridge Lending, we combine in-depth industry knowledge and a high level of service to provide the best private lending options for our borrowers’ property investments. Since 2012, we have closed more than 2,000 loans totaling more than $1 billion , and we...

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2 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask When Seeking a Bridge Loan

When people seek out a bridge loan, without fail, they ask the same two questions: What’s the highest leverage you can give me? What’s the lowest pricing you’ll give me? These two questions may be top of mind for potential borrowers, but the reality is that they’re...

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