First Bridge Lending is thrilled to announce that we’ve funded $1 Billion in private, direct real estate loans.

Since we started our company in 2011, we’ve stayed rooted in integrity and have strived to build a highly principled business around providing people with the funds they need to make their next big real estate move.

Where It All Began

First Bridge Lending started with one location in the Bay Area (and one employee) in 2011, under the name FJM Private Mortgage Fund. Our goals when we started still hold true as the guiding principles that have carried us to more than $1 Billion in loans funded.

Since day one, we’ve set out to:

  • Serve clients with private loans to support their real estate goals (even when conventional loans failed them)
  • Provide sound underwriting services in-house
  • Create a great work culture for our employees, clients, and investors
  • Become the top investment vehicle for investors in the state of California

These principles continue to shape our success as we will continue providing clients with simple, reliable private loan solutions that can be funded in as little as 3 days.

A Look Back at Our Journey to $1 Billion in Loans Funded

In celebration of our $1 Billion milestone, we want to take a look back at some of exciting things that have happened along the way.

  • We started with 1 location in the Bay Area serving Northern California, but have now expanded to serve Southern California with our Newport Beach location as well.
  • In 2011, we had 1 employee. Today, we’ve grown to 16 employees to serve the needs of all our borrowers and investors.
  • We’ve attracted institutional capital as we’ve grown and work with investors who typically don’t fund with small companies.
  • In 2011, our goal was to do $30 million a year; now we aim for $30 million a month!
  • Over the years we’ve built a team with a collective 75 years’ experience in real estate investments.

What’s Next for First Bridge and Our Clients?
People keep asking us, “What’s next? What will you do now that you’ve reached the $1 Billion mark in funded loans?”

Quite simply, we’re going to keep doing what we do best, serving our borrowers with integrity, sound real estate expertise, and strong investor relationships.

We are going to continue leveraging our real estate expertise to make direct, private loans happen quickly and seamlessly for both borrowers and investors.

We’ll keep serving clients by controlling every step of the loan process from origination to close. We have discretion over funds, produce our own loan documents, and do all of our underwriting in-house—no appraisal required.

How Our Loan Offering Is Growing to Include Owner Occupied Bridge Loans

By combining our 75 years of experience with our expansive funding resources, we are able to fund loans that most lenders wouldn’t even consider. We keep the process simple, easy, and reliable so you can worry about accomplishing your goals rather than your funding source.

We offer funding for fix-and-flip loans and 1031 exchanges, and we are continuing to expand our investment options to include owner occupied bridge loans. Intense regulations at the federal and state level keep many lenders from offering owner occupied loans. However, we have extensive knowledge of these loans and intend to use this expertise to help borrowers get the financing they need quickly and easily.

For more information on First Bridge Lending and our lending practices, please contact us directly by calling 415-248-1167. We look forward to helping you with your real estate financing needs.

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