When you come across the opportunity for a rare property investment, hard-money loans are the best way to secure funding with a reliable, fast turnaround.

With our capital, we’ve serviced loans on exchange investments, complex entity structures, construction completion projects, and more.

Here are some recent deals we’ve saved with private lending:

Santa Ana Multifamily

Loan Amount: $600,000
LTV: 65%
Type: acquisition financing
Term: 2 months

The borrower ran out of time on an exchange investment with their current conventional lender and utilized First Bridge to close quickly.

Villandry Drive

Loan Amount: $2,900,000
LTV: 55%
Type: first trust deed with draw structure to allow for construction completion
Term: 5 months

This property is located in an exclusive development, and the developer needed a quick loan to finish construction and sell for a profit.

Palos Verdes Flip

Loan Amount: $1,000,000
LTV: 43% of purchase price
Type: acquisition financing
Term: 6 months

This borrower’s equity partner backed out of an all-cash purchase, jeopardizing the borrower’s deposit and potential profits on a high-yielding flip. First Bridge closed the deal in 4 days.

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