In private lending, service is of the highest importance. You want the decision maker for your loan to view the deal from the borrower’s perspective and have a comprehensive understanding of your goals in order to determine the right loan for your investment.

When you’re looking to invest in a property, our team at First Bridge Lending works with you from origination to close. With our team, you’ll have the same entity originating the deal as the decision maker, giving you near-immediate access to capital and attentive service to help you obtain the right loan for your needs.

Our fund’s managers bring more than 75 years of real estate investing and financing experience to the table, and they’ve been on the investor’s side as well, which brings you a well-rounded perspective that goes beyond securing a deal through various sources of capital.

The advantage of private capital

As a borrower, the biggest benefit you’ll see in private lending is the speed and ease of execution. With no intermediary steps, you’ll have an answer on whether or not we are the right lender for your deal the same day as your loan inquiry, and typically on the same phone call. Many times, through our extension industry relationships, if we are not the best lender for your particular needs, we can refer you to someone who can help. We have the ability to provide a quick quote you can rely on to close your investment-purpose property—especially when you come across rare investment opportunities that require fast funding. You’ll never be left hanging at time of closing or be surprised by higher costs or extra fees.

Since we’re not reliant on piecing together capital from smaller funds to make a deal work, we can typically close a deal in two to three days.

At First Bridge Lending, our capital is available to service loans at any time with 100% investment discretion over our funds. You won’t be left wondering if your deal has made it through investor or board approvals; you’ll work with us each step of the way, from securing funds, to producing our own loan documents, to taking care of all of our underwriting in house.

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