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We focus on providing our customers with excellent service while helping them obtain the right direct loan for their needs. We are able to provide our clients with a variety of lending options to meet the vast variety of purchasing situations in today’s market.

Recent Deals

14% LTV – Owner Occupied
12 months

Work with client to make new residential purchases without excessive liquidation of stock

Villandry Dr.


55% LTV – First Trust Deed
5 months

The property is located in an exclusive development called Martis Camp located right outside Truckee, CA. Our borrower needed a quick loan to finish construction and sell for a profit.

Compton Multi-Family


60% LTV – Cash Out Refinance
6 months

Borrower needed cash out of a low levered asset in order to close on a unique flipping opportunity. The deal was closed in a week.

Woodland Hills Flip


85% of Purchase Price LTV – Acquisition Financing
12 months

Higher leverage acquisition financing on an assigned contract.

Montebello Multi-Family


66% of Purchase Price LTV – Acquisition Financing
12 months

The borrower needed a bridge loan to increase their leverage on an underperforming multi-family asset. They will increase rents and refinance the asset with a conventional lender.

Santa Ana Multi-Family


65% LTV – Acquisition Financing
2 months

The borrower ran out of time on an exchange investment with his current conventional lender and utilized First Bridge to close quickly.

Los Angeles Industrial


15% of Value LTV – Cash Out Refinance
3 months

The borrower utilized First Bridge to do a cash out refinance that allowed for the borrower to invest in a solar addition to the property.

Palos Verde Flip


43% of Purchase Price LTV – Acquisition Financing
6 months

The borrower's equity partner backed out of an all cash purchase jeopardizing the borrower's deposit and potential profits a high yielding flip. First Bridge closed the deal in 4 days.

Carmel Construction


65% of costs LTV – Bridge Financing
6 months

The borrower experienced construction delays due to the local municipality. They needed additional equity in order to fund finishing costs and extend their current loan. First Bridge provided for the additional proceeds necessary to see the project to completion.

Los Angeles Flip


40% LTV – Acquisition Financing
6 months

The borrower needed a quick acquisition loan to bridge a low loan to value equity gap. First Bridge was able to close the deal in a week.

Venice Duplex


41.40% LTV – Refinance
6 months

Our loan was made to Trust where the beneficiaries were splitting the proceeds. First Bridge specializes in making loans to complex entity structures.

Long Beach Multi-Family


70% LTV – Acquisition Financing
6 months

The borrower needed higher leverage bridge financing to push rents on an under-performing asset. First Bridge provided 70% loan to purchase price financing allowing the borrower to put less down and complete their business plan.

Los Angeles Multi-Family Portfolio


65% LTV – Cross Collateralized
12 months

The borrower needed to a cash-out refinance to clear a lis pendens on an excluded asset.

Carmel Flip


90% of Purchase Price LTV – Senior Loan
12 months

The borrower sought higher leverage. 1st Bridge worked with a known subordinate financing company to provide 90% LTC leverage for a large high-end fix and flip funding quickly.

Newport Beach Condo


40% LTV – Cash Out Refinance
12 months

The borrower refinance existing debt and cashed out additional proceeds to renovate an investment property. Once the borrower has completed renovations he will procure a conventional loan.

Bakersfield Multi-Family


60% LTV – Acquisition Financing
6 months

A technology executive needed to close quickly after his conventional lender took too long to complete his acquisition financing. The ability to close in a week saved the investor's exchange.

3 Property Los Angeles Portfolio


65% LTV – Cash Out Refinance
12 months

The borrower needed a cash-out refinance on two assets and used proceeds towards the purchase of an additional investment property. This loan was structured to allow for the release of individual collateral.

Los Angeles Mixed Use Portfolio


70% LTV – Cash Out Refinance
12 months

The borrower needed cash out of a current property to acquire a potential flip.

Pacific Palisades Construction Bridge


85% LTV – Acquisition Bridge
12 months

The borrower needed higher leverage bridge financing to complete the acquisition of a probate sale. The house would eventually be torn down and have a ground up development be rebuilt. First Bridge provided a 70% first deed of trust and another lender provided 15% mezzanine financing.

Hollywood Construction


50% loan to cost LTV – Refinance
18 months

The borrower had a broken construction development that needed to be completed. First Bridge structured the construction financing with 5 simple draws that allows the borrower to execute his business plan quickly.

San Bernardino Mixed Use Portfolio


55% LTV – Refinance
24 months

The borrower owned two assets free and clear and used the refinance proceeds to purchase additional investment properties. First Bridge made a blanket loan (cross collateral) across all the properties to help the borrower close on the acquisition.

First Bridge Lending