$1,050,000 Mixed-Use Purchase in San Francisco, CA

Loan Amount: $1,050,000

LTV: 48%

Type: Acquisition Financing

This experienced commercial investor, who has worked with Christopher Carey for more than 20 years, was able to negotiate a great deal on their purchase due to the speed and certainty of funding that First Bridge Lending delivers. The buyer saved more than $300,000 because the seller preferred their 7-day close offer. The borrower was thrilled with the performance, simplicity, and reliability that First Bridge delivered and is looking to repeat the process on his next acquisition, using First Bridge as their reliable capital partner to grow their business.

Private lender
Direct lender
Quick process puts you in touch with decision makers
Loans funded in 3 business days
In-house underwriting, no appraisal required

FBL Track Record
Over 2,000 loans totaling more than $1 billion closed since 2012
Funded loans from $100,000 to $5 million on residential and commercial properties
CA Licensed: CFL, BRE, NMLS

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